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The top 3 beaches in Ibiza & Formentera.

Updated: Jan 22

Ibiza and Formentera are full of real life filter beaches.

Formentera is known as the Caribbean of Europe. Ibiza is known as the White Island. Both for a reason.

It's hard to decide which beaches are the most beautiful and which ones you should visit when you're on the island.

We have prepared our top 3 best beaches of Ibiza and Formentera you should visit at least once when you're here.

Las Salines & Es Cavallet

water at las Salinas Ibiza

One of the most iconic of all beaches in Ibiza, Las Salinas is a long expanse of soft golden sand surrounded by a nature reserve including sand dunes, pine forests and spectacular salt flats. The sea is not very deep and you can run in shallow water about 30 m. It combines Ibiza's glamour, a smattering of nudism and family-friendliness. You'll be mixing with the cool, the hip and the hippies - all attracted by the fun party vibe and the Balearic beats that pour forth from the many beach restaurants.

Sa Trinxa Ibiza beach bar at las Salinas

A must visit is Sa Trinxa - it typifies the Ibizan diversity, freedom and good vibe. You will see nothing but real happiness at this place. No show off, no VIPs. Being the most festive and social corner of the beach, it's probably Ibiza's most iconic beach bar.

Because of its unique vibe, we sail through Las Salinas during our day trip Formentera with Benefits in the morning and stop there to watch the sunset in the evening.

Super yachts at las Salinas Ibiza

You have been at Salinas already and wanna experience something new? Walk past the beach bars until you come to a clearing where the rock formations have been carved into some amazing creations – walk further and you’ll spot the old pirate watchtower. Passing by the tower, you'll come to Es Cavallet - Ibiza's nudist beach. Less crowded than Salinas, more natural and quiet.

Illetes & Espalmador

Super yacht at Playa Illetes Formentera

Ses Illetes beach is probably the most Instagrammable feature of Formentera’s spectacular coastline. The beach is like a real life filter. What makes it so outstanding and breath-taking is its calm, shallow, turquoise waters, which, together with the fine white sand, create a paradisal landscape.

Because of that, it's the hot spot for the super yachts of the rich and famous who spend their days there.

Playa Illetes Formentera

Moreover, being a natural park, the surroundings are well cared for and you rarely find any sun beds and only a few beach restaurants. Lucky enough, it's part of our unique day trip Formentera with Benefits so that you will have a chance to get some amazing shots!

Benirrás Beach

sunset drums at benirras beach ibiza

The beautiful Benirrás beach is set on the north-west coast of the island and is famous for attracting hippies and peace lovers. It's famous for the iconic Benirras Sunday sunset ritual where hundreds of people gather to listen to the sound of melodic drumming played by hippies as the sun sets - known as "drumming down the sun". It’s a magical experience.

cala benirras ibiza

Set at the foot of a pine covered valley this sheltered cove is ideal for swimming and the crystal clear water makes for great snorkelling. Being sheltered it is also a popular spot for yachts and motor boats to drop anchor and take in the sunset.


Atlantis Ibiza

Atlantis is not a beach, that's why we don't include it in our top 3 beaches list. But we don't wanna withhold you this hidden cove. With its huge and almost geometrically-perfect rocks, Atlantis is one of the most read and talked-about places you’ll hear about when it comes to the island’s hidden secrets.

It is an old sandstone quarry that was used to build the walls of Dalt Vila and Castillo de Ibiza, which is now a UNESCO Wold Heritage Site. What they probably didn’t know is that, by extracting the blocks and taking them to Vila or Sant Antoni by ships, they were creating an equally majestic natural wonder.

The cuts in the stone left crazy asymmetrical walls and deep gaps that become natural pools when filled with seawater.

When the hippies arrived later in the 1960s the place became a mecca and meeting place. And when they came they made their mark, sculpting forms in the stone like the Buddha’s head which you can still see in the cove. The magic of the place is still the same, surely enhanced by the positive energy that so many meditations and spiritual rituals have been celebrated, completely isolated from technology and the modern world. Getting there isn’t easy… unless you have a private boat.

Beach, please!

Ready to visit Ibiza's and Formentera's most beautiful beaches?

Perfect, because you know what? You can visit them together with us by boat! We pass by Es Cavallet, and have our swim stops at las Salinas and in-between the anchored super yachts of the rich and famous at Playa Illetes in Formentera.

Get your tickets now!


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