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Top 3 things to do in Formentera.

Updated: Feb 12

Formentera is the island of “less is more”.

The tiny island is measures only 22 km and is therefore easy to discover in a few hours. Let us show you what you shouldn’t miss out.

Formentera Island Playa Illetes Drone Shot

Welcome to paradise island - the probably most Instagrammable place in Europe. The island of the whitest beaches surrounded by the clearest turquoise waters is a real life filter.

The island has been the favourite destination among hippies since the 1960s. Formentera beaches have been an inspiration and home for many artists starting from Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Matt Haig, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and many others. At the same time, it's the island of the rich and famous, where they can enjoy their privacy on one of their super yachts that surround the picturesque scenery of Formentera.

Playa Illetes & Espalmador.

Playa Illetes Formentera Ibiza

Playa Illetes and Espalmador are the most popular beaches of the Caribbean of Europe. Looking like a large extension of Heaven, you know why they are so loved as soon as you see them.

Yachts in Playa Illetes Formentera

During our Formentera Day Trip, we will have our first swim stop at these beautiful beaches so that you can already experience the clear water.

Pilar de la Mola.

Formentera Pilar de la Mola cliffs

El Pilar de la Mola is a small town in the east of Formentera with around 50 houses. Right by the sea, the limestone cliffs drop almost vertically towards the sea and offer a spectacular view.

Hippie market in Pilar de la Mola

Every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon a little artisans’ market takes place in the small village. With a cosmopolitan vibe – this is the one and only cultural event where all types of people meet up.

You’ll find everything you didn’t know you were looking for: jewellery, vintage clothing and local food.

Far de la Mola.

Far de la Mola girl posing in Formentera

The "Far de la Mola" lighthouse is located on the edge of a cliff, almost 200 meters above sea level.

Far de la Mola light house

Many visitors believe that this is a magical place, as if it were a lighthouse at the end of the world. The most direct way to get from Pilar de La Mola to the lighthouse without using the main road is by taking Route 29. Walking or cycling this route feels like travelling one hundred years back in time because of the rustic character of the rural landscape.

How to get around.

The beaches are located some 5-10 km away from the port. We recommend renting a bike to get around the island as it offers a very enjoyable experience, convenience, eco-friendliness and low cost. Plus, no need to pay a deposit or insurance. Alternatively, hire a scooter to be flexible.

Taxi’s are also available at your disposal and will cost some 15-20 euros to get to Playa de Ses Illetes. You can also take public busses but you’ve got to watch out for their timetables.

Our tip for El Pilar de Mola: It's is located in the very east of the island and can only be reached by the main road that starts in Es Caló de Sant Agusti. The road is steep and the ascent by bike or on foot can be quite strenuous. However, you can always take short breaks and enjoy the breathtaking view over the island. There is also a bus service from La Sabina that is served several times a day. The famous restaurant "El Mirador" is located directly at the bus stop, where you can enjoy the fantastic view with a cool drink in hand.

Ready for paradise? Get your ticket now.

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