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The culinary menu aboard the Ibiza Boat Club.

Follow us on a culinary journey through the Balearic paradise.

Our speciality menu is based around the garlicky citric flavours of the Spanish cooking. 

Interpreting true Ibizan cuisine with a sleek of modern flare, it's a fusion of Ibizan tradition with modern ingredients.


Our Paella is freshly cooked on the lower deck during the live cooking show right in front of your eyes.

The main course is accompanied by a wine tasting with a selection of Spanish and Balearic wines.

Everything on the menu is included in the ticket price, except for the Moët & Chandon Champagne bottles.

Click here for our bottle prices at our events.

The menu 2023.

Let's get it started.

The iconic duo.

Pa amb Oli.

Traditional Allioli with a variety of 3 different breads:

Pan Payes (A traditional Ibizan rustic country bread)

Pan Cereales (A dark bread with seeds and cereals)

Pan Blanco (A white artisanal bread)

All baguettes are freshly baked in our oven onboard.


Show cooking mains.

Topsless is more.

Paella Ciega de Marisco y Peix.

A traditional Seafood Paella without shells and bones. All ingredients are naked. No need to make your hands dirty.

Eat the rainbow.

Vegan & gluten free Paella.

A traditional Paella with local veggies, interpreted in a modern way. For the extra portion Vitamins.


Sweet tooth.

Mona Lisa.

Ensaïmada lisa de Ibiza.

The Ensaïmada is the Balearic Islands’ most iconic pastry. It’s a coiled treat of light, flaky pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar and filled with love.

French kiss.

Pain au chocolat.

Our not so basic basic: a chocolate croissant.

The day after.

Greixonera Ibicenca.

A traditional and famous Ibizan dessert made of Ensaimadas from the day before. Looks like a pudding, tastes like sweet heaven.



Just tint it.

Sangria de vino tinto.

The classic Spanish sangria made with red wine, juice and fresh fruits.

Ciao Bella.


Dry cava with peach juice.

The mermaid.

Flambéed Café Caleta.*

The traditional origin of café caleta lies with the island's fishermen, who prepared it from rum, brandy, sugar and the hot coffee. Flambéed Café to warm your heart and open your soul, whilst sailing on the Med.

*At Formentera with Benefits only.

The Hydrant.

Your hangover cure.

Ice-cold lemon & mint infused water.

Kim KarPassion.

Sangria de Cava.

Spanish bubbly sangria made with Cava, passion fruit juice and fresh fruits.



Ice-cold spanish beer fresh from the tap.

Wine tasting.

With local wines.

Wine tasting with a selection of Spanish and Balearic wines while food is being served.


Soft drinks.

Cola, Fanta and Sprite.


Cheers to the good life.

Moët & Chandon Champagne Brut.

Bottles for 65€ only.




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