We want to leave our footprints… in your heads and in the sand, not on the environment. 

Imagine a world where our quest for travelling and adventures didn’t put us in odds with our planet… How amazing would that be?


Carbon emissions turn up to every party, uninvited. That means we have to consider how they show up at our events.

We see you, CO2!

As long as there is no way of organising events without leaving any environmental footprint at all, we want to compensate our carbon emissions and reduce plastic waste as much as possible. 

Let us show you what we are doing:

plastic free.

  • No plastic straws or any other kind of straws since 2015.

  • No single use plastic in any form: No single use plastic cups, no single use plastic plates or cutlery. All our plates and cutlery are made out of sustainable materials.

  • We only use reusable cups of 100% recycled plastic since 2016.

  • We kindly ask you for your support in protecting the environment through keeping your cup as long as possible. Every additional cup will be charged with 1€.

  • We only use recycled napkins and toilet paper.

  • We only use bio and organic soap and hand sanitisers.

  • We serve Paella on paper plates that are made of recycled carton. All of Rona's Deli's hamburgers can be eaten without a plate at all or you can choose to use a paper plate or napkin of recycled materials.

Girl with Pineapple



v for veggie.


Beyond Meat Burger by Rona's Deli

keep it local.

  • In order to minimise emissions, we keep things local. We only use fresh, local ingredients for the Paella, burgers and desserts on our events.

  • Support your local: We only serve Balearic and Spanish wines during our wine-tasting.

  • Travel global, act local. Enjoy the culinary diversity of Ibiza on our day trip to Formentera and our brunch on the boat with our homemade Paella with rustical Pan Payes as well as our traditional Greixonera and Ensaimadas together with typically Ibizan Café Caleta.

Paella Show Cooking at Ibiza Boat Club


for a better future,
for a better Ibiza.

We believe in a future where you don’t have to decide between enjoyment and sustainability. Both have to be possible at the same time if we want to stay on this planet for a little while. 

We think that luxury and consumption are nothing bad as long as neither the environment nor any human being have to suffer for it. 


And you know what? Even staying at home watching Netflix emits carbon emissions. No joke, you produce a lot of CO2 chilling on your sofa. So get up and go outside!

You live on this planet to enjoy. But enjoy consciously.


We know we are not perfect yet, but let’s be honest… who can say that they are doing everything perfectly?

We are still young, constantly improving and willing to learn. It's not about being perfect, it's about being better than yesterday. We have always been keen to be as green as possible and are in constant progress. It lays in the little things.

We at Ibiza Boat Club are constantly working on new options to make our events as green and sustainable as possible.


Taking care of the environment while having fun feels amazing, doesn't it?