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Stag Do Activities in Ibiza: The top 10 legendary ideas.

Are you planning a stag do or bachelor party and dreaming of a destination that offers a perfect mix of party, adrenaline and relax before the “big day”? Look no further than Ibiza, the iconic party island in the heart of the Mediterranean. Ibiza is not only the best party destination in Spain… it might be the best party destination in the world. In this bachelor party guide, we'll explore a curated list of our top 10 stag do activities that promise to make your stag do or bachelor party in Ibiza the stuff of legends.

ibiza stag do ideas and activities

Book a Bed at O Beach Ibiza:

o beach ibiza stag do idea

Begin your stag do with a splash of luxury at O Beach Ibiza, a renowned beach club that's synonymous with glamour and entertainment. Reserve a bed for your group, and indulge in a day of sunshine, refreshing cocktails, and music that sets the perfect tone for the weekend. O Beach is not just another pool club. True to their slogan "We didn't invent the pool party, we just perfected it", the parties there are a truly unique experience.

Join a Boat Party:

ibiza boat party stag do idea and bachelor activities

No stag do trip to Ibiza is complete without joining one of the legendary boat parties. Take your celebration to the waves by getting aboard Ibiza Boat Club: the one-of-a-kind floating beach club in Ibiza.

Join the Five Star Boat Party, the most outstanding all-inclusive boat party in Ibiza (1PM - 4PM), and dance under the sun surrounded by only 100 exclusive guests. This boat party includes open bar as well as a Paella Show Cooking menu, fresh fruits and a swim stop.

For those on a budget or those looking for a more wild and crowded party, the Aftersun Boat Party (6:15PM - 9:15PM) is the perfect choice. It’s the new sunset boat party in Ibiza with up to 300 young and wild party-animals, including open bar.

Ibiza Boat Club even offers group discounts for more than 8 people for their boat parties.

Book a Jeep Tour:

jeep tour in ibiza for stag do activities and ideas in ibiza

Release your adventurous side with a thrilling Jeep tour across Ibiza's rugged terrain. Explore hidden gems, witness panoramic views, and experience the island's natural beauty in an exhilarating and unique way.

Dance at a Super Club:

hi ibiza super club stag do

What would your stag do our bachelor trip to Ibiza be without a night of dancing at one of the island's super clubs? Whether it's Pacha, Amnesia or Hi Ibiza, immerse yourselves in the electrifying atmosphere and world-class music that Ibiza is famous for.

Reserve a Jet Ski Tour:

jet ski tour in ibiza for stag do activities and ideas in ibiza

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you embark on a Jet Ski tour along Ibiza's stunning coastline. Marvel at the turquoise waters and enjoy the thrill of speeding through the waves with your stag crew.

Ibiza Town Bar Crawl:

Experience the energy of Ibiza Town with a bar crawl. Visit iconic bars, sample local drinks, and revel in the lively atmosphere that makes Ibiza legendary.Don't forget to combine your drinks by delighting your palate with tasty Spanish tapas!

Book an eFoil or JetSurf Class:

efoil class by takeoff ibiza

Add a futuristic and adventurous twist to your stag do in Ibiza by booking an eFoil class or JetSurf lesson with Takeoff Ibiza. Glide over the water and master the art of newest water sports under expert guidance.

Add thrills with Paintball or Go-Karting:

paint ball in ibiza for stag do activities and ideas in ibiza

Add some friendly competition into the stag do getaway with activities like paintball or go-karting. Be ready celebrate each other's victories or share laughs over amusing moments on the track. Challenge your mates, showcase your skills, and create lasting memories with laughter and gang power.

Breath in the Sa Trinxa Hippie Vibe:

sa trinxa ibiza for stag do

Taste the laid-back and free-spirited aura of Sa Trinxa, an historical beach club with a hippie vibe. Enjoy the bohemian surroundings, chill-out music, and a unique blend of relaxation and party during the sunset. Get a little closer to the hippie side of the island by spontaneously dancing in this judgement-free place.

Hangout at a Beach Club:

beach club in ibiza for stag do activities and ideas in ibiza

After a night of partying, a relaxed day at a beach club might be all you need…. Or maybe you simply want to keep the party going after dancing the night away at the club. With tons of options for beach clubs in Ibiza, we understand that it’s hard to decide where to take your best friends on your stag do trip. That’s why we have prepared a list of our favourite beach clubs to choose from.

Of course you don’t have to spend a fortune to experience the best stag do in Ibiza. Sometimes it’s about the simple things… grab some beers at the supermarket and head to one of Ibiza’s stunning beaches like Ses Salines, Cala Salada, Cala Comte or Cala Bassa.

In our guide to Ibiza’s best beaches, you will find all the must-visits.


A stag do in Ibiza promises an unforgettable blend of adventure, luxury, and the vibrant and free spirit of the island. With these stag do ideas that include beach clubs, boat parties, off-road adventures, water activities and legendary nightlife, your stag do is sure to be an epic celebration that the future husband and the entire group will remember forever. Ibiza awaits – let the adventure begin!

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