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Visiting Ibiza in September: Things to do, activities, weather, events.

Updated: Apr 29

Ibiza, the crown jewel of the Balearic Islands, beckons travelers from around the globe with its dynamic culture, stunning landscapes, and legendary party scene. While this Spanish island is a must visit summer holiday destination, September stands out as an ideal time to visit. As the peak summer crowds begin to decrease, September in Ibiza offers the perfect blend of sunshine, warmth and exciting activities for every type of traveler. Whether you're a beach enthusiast, a party animal, a nature lover, or a culture seeker, there's something for everyone on this enchanting island called Ibiza, especially in September.

In this article, we will show you:

  1. The top 10 things to do in Ibiza in September

  2. Why September is the perfect month to travel to Ibiza.

  3. For whom September is the perfect month to travel to Ibiza.

Things to do in Ibiza in September.

Let's explore 10 must-do activities in Ibiza in September to ensure your visit to Ibiza is unforgettable.

1. Day trip to Formentera:

formentera trip from ibiza in september

Escape the magnetic force of Ibiza and set sail for the pristine shores of Formentera, an unspoiled island oasis just a short 45-minute boat ride from Ibiza.With its powdery white sand beaches, turquoise waters and a relaxed ambiance, Formentera beckons as a must-visit destination, offering a serene contrast to Ibiza's vibrant energy.

Opt for the traditional ferry for a budget-friendly passage across the Mediterranean, or indulge in the exclusive Formentera with Benefits boat excursion with Ibiza Boat Club if you are looking for a touch of elegance into your Formentera exploration.Regardless of your chosen option, the natural beauty and laid-back hippie vibe of Formentera is certain to enchant you.

ibiza boat club

Formentera is very small, which is why it can get super crowded in summer. September is the perfect month to visit Formentera, with temperatures being more mild than in hot summer and crowds getting less.Consult our guide to Formentera's finest beaches to discover the ultimate spots to bask in paradise.

2. Hiking: Explore Ibiza's Natural Wonders.

es vedra sunset ibiza

For those craving adventure on terra firma, Ibiza offers plenty of hiking trails that wind through lush pine forests, rugged cliffs, and hidden coves. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a journey to discover the island's breathtaking landscapes, from the dramatic cliffs of Es Vedrà to the serene beauty of Ses Salines Natural Park.

Es Vedra is for sure Ibiza’s most wanted sunset spot. This fame leads to huge crowds in summer, making it the perfect spot to explore in September. Legend has it that Es Vedra is home to sirens and sea nymphs, making it Ibiza’s most mystical and magical natural wonder. Watching the sunset there is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience.

3. Exploring & Shopping at Dalt Vila:

dalt vila ibiza la marina

Avoid the summer crowds and immerse yourself in a delightful shopping and sight seeing experience in the historic charm of Dalt Vila. Ibiza's Old Town is a captivating blend of past and present, where you can discover ancient architecture, hidden cafes and boutiques, and soak in the unique energy of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Wander through narrow cobblestone streets lined with boutique shops offering an array of treasures, from locally crafted souvenirs to high-end fashion finds. Explore hidden gems tucked away in centuries-old buildings, where each storefront tells a story of Ibiza's vibrant culture and artistic flair.

dalt vila ibiza

Whether you're searching for unique artisanal goods or designer labels, Dalt Vila in September promises an unforgettable and serene shopping and sight seeing excursion. Don’t forget to pass by La Marina to catch a glimpse on the super yachts of the rich and famous!

After a day of shopping, you will be hungry. Ibiza Old Town offers plenty of small, charming restaurants to enjoy local tapas or Paella together with a glass of Spanish red wine. Some of our favourite restaurants include La Oliva and La Dispensa. Rounding off the day, a cocktail in a rooftop bar at sunset overlooking La Marina is the way to go, for example at The Standard Ibiza.

4. Explore the Beaches: Sun, Sand, and Serenity.

aguas blancas ibiza

With over 80 stunning beaches to choose from, Ibiza boasts some of the most picturesque coastlines in the Mediterranean. From lively beach clubs to secluded coves, there's a beach to suit every preference. For those wanting to escape the crowds and heat, September is the perfect month to spend relaxed beach days without sweating too much (and without having to cuddle with your towel neighbours).

Spend your days lounging on the soft sands of Cala Bassa, snorkeling in the crystalline waters of Cala Salada, or watching the sunset from the cliffs of Cala Comte. Not sure which beach to start from? Check out our favorite beaches in Ibiza.

5. Yoga Session by the beach:

beach yoga ibiza

Unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with a serene yoga session in Ibiza's tranquil surroundings. Join a yoga class overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea or amidst the island's lush countryside. One recommended option is this half day retreat experience, in which you will reconnect with yourself through a yoga session, a sound healing meditation, a walk into the surroundings and a deep work on the breath. This healthy stop from the busy life will help you to face the world and the intense energy of the island with renewed vitality and perspectives.If you are interested in a shorter yoga class by the beach, many beach clubs offer morning classes followed by a nourishing breakfast at their restaurant. Some of them are for example:

6. Hippie Markets: Bohemian Chic.

Indulge your inner free spirit with a visit to Ibiza's colourful hippie markets. Flip through stalls overflowing with detailed textiles, handmade jewelry, and eclectic souvenirs. Don't miss the iconic Punta Arabí Hippy Market in Es Canar (open every Wednesday) or the lively Las Dalias Hippy Market in San Carlos (every Saturday and Sunday), where you can soak up the island's bohemian charm while shopping for unique treasures.

With live music and DJs, a variety of stalls, and a laid-back ambiance, the hippie markets are the perfect place to experience the Bohemian and free spirited vibe for which Ibiza is known and loved.

7. Snorkeling and Paddle board.

snorkel ibiza

September is the perfect month to discover Ibiza's vibrant marine life because the water is still warm and sea is more empty as the peak season just passed. Explore hidden sea caves, rocky coves, and underwater gardens embarking on a snorkeling or paddle excursion. Whether you're a neophyte or experienced adventurer, Ibiza offers plenty of opportunities to dive into its aquatic wonders and create unforgettable memories. Looking for something more adrenaline-pumping? Express your adventurous spirit on this exciting Jet Ski tour!

8. Dance at a boat party:

ibiza boat club boat party

Kick off your Ibiza adventure with a splash by embarking on a thrilling boat party. Experience the pulsating beats while cruising along the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Two must-try boat party experiences are Aftersun Boat Party and Five Star Boat Party by Ibiza Boat Club, where you can dance, socialize, and revel in the electrifying atmosphere surrounded by stunning coastal vistas. If you are looking for a crazy, young and ongoing party get your ticket for Aftersun, if you are looking for a more fancy and peculiar boat party join the Five Star Boat Party. Either way you will have no regrets!

9. Sunset vibes:

cafe mambo ibiza

September casts its golden glow over Ibiza… days are getting shorter, the weather is getting milder…What could be better than admiring its sunsets by having a drink out of the peak season crowds? The Sunset Strip, on the west coast of the island, offers a front-row seat to nature's nightly spectacle. One standout destination along this enchanting shoreline is Café Mambo, nowadays considered as an Ibizan rite of passage.

Further south, in Cala Comte, another special gem embodies the essence of Ibiza’s sunset rituals… we are talking about Sunset Ashram, a bohemian beachfront bar & restaurant renowned for its laid-back ambiance and panoramic views. Here, you can unwind yourself, sip on an exotic cocktail, dance into the night and experience a stunning puesta de sol.

10. First closings: A bittersweet transition.

hi ibiza club

Signaling the end of another exhilarating summer season, September is the month when the first whispers of closure emerge. Clubs, hotels and beach bars gradually start to say goodbye to their seasonal guests, each shutting its doors after months of non-stop revelry.To cherish and commemorate the memories forged during the summer months lots of closing parties are organised. September in Ibiza serves as a reminder of the transient nature of island life, urging all who experience it to catch the moment and revel in the magic while it lasts.

11. Ibiza Jazz Festival: Music Under the Stars

Wrap up your September escapades in Ibiza with a soul-stirring musical experience at the Ibiza Jazz Festival. Held annually in various venues across the island, this world-class event showcases a lineup of talented jazz musicians from around the globe. Sit back, relax, and let the smooth melodies serenade you under the starlit Ibiza sky, creating the perfect finale to your unforgettable island adventure.

Why September is the ideal month to travel to Ibiza?

September in Ibiza is the month of presence, showing everyone that everything ends and that we should live in the moment. Now is the time to dance and enjoy!

Warm temperatures:

September marks the sweet spot between the scorching summer heat and the onset of cooler autumn temperatures. The island still basks in the glow of summer, with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, making it ideal for beach outings and outdoor adventures.

Not overcrowded:

The island isn't packed, yet it's not deserted either. It strikes a balance between being uncrowded yet inhabited offering occasional parties without an overwhelming presence. It's just right - not excessive, not lacking.

Authentic experience:

Less people and more relaxed vibes across the island allow travellers to experience Ibiza's renowned attractions, such as its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage, with greater ease and tranquility.

For whom is September the perfect month to travel?

Beach Lovers:

Enjoy the warm Mediterranean waters and golden sands without the intense summer heat and the intense summer crowd.

Culture Seekers:

Immerse yourself in Ibiza's rich history and heritage with fewer crowds at historical sites and museums.


Experience Ibiza's renowned nightlife scene with extended club openings and special events, minus the peak summer crowds.

Budget-conscious travellers:

Take advantage of shoulder season discounts on accommodations and activities. September is an ideal period for an hen do and a stag do getaway!


Delight in the abundance of fresh, seasonal produce at local markets and indulge in culinary delights at acclaimed restaurants with shorter wait times.

Adventure seekers:

Embark on outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and water sports in more comfortable temperatures.

Hen and Stag do’s trip:

Without breaking the bank, you can soak up the pulsating atmosphere while still having space to explore Ibiza's shores and attractions with your crew.

Romantic getaways:

Enjoy intimate moments with your loved one against the backdrop of Ibiza's idyllic scenery and enchanting sunsets


Travel with kids when attractions are less crowded, and temperatures are still warm enough for family-friendly beach days and outdoor adventures.


In conclusion, September in Ibiza offers an irresistible blend of sun-drenched days, electrifying nightlife, fewer tourists and unforgettable experiences for every type of traveler. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, culture, or lively entertainment, this enchanting island delivers an unparalleled vacation that will leave you longing to return year after year. In September the life in Ibiza continues to flow but at a slower pace.

So pack your bags, set sail for Ibiza, and prepare for an unforgettable journey that will captivate your heart and soul.

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