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LSA for Ibiza Boat Club: an epic jam session.

In the ever-evolving world of music and entertainment, collaborations between industry leaders often result in unforgettable journeys.

In order to provide our guests a VIP experience, Ibiza Boat Club decided to collaborate with London Sound Academy (LSA), the UK's most exclusive electronic music academy, throughout summer 2024.

Known for its commitment to nurturing talent and providing cutting-edge music education, the academy is fast becoming a global hot spot in electronic music attracting international students such as Sarah Story (BBC Radio One) Arielle Free (BBC Radio One) Tough Love (Island Records) Bimini (Ru Paul's Drag Race) AlunaGeorge (Brit Nominated) Kasra (D&B Headliner) and more. Even sports stars and celebrities like James Haskell (Rugby Star and TV Personality) and Stephen Barlett (Dragons Den & Diary of a CEO) have attended lessons at LSA.

Thanks to their innovative and industry-led teaching methods and curricula LSA gives to their DJS and producers the keys to unlock the industry.

In the last years the Academy attracted famous brands and record labels. 

One among many is Pioneer Dj that has recently awarded LSA as the Official Pioneer DJ Education Partner.

The collaboration between London Sound Academy and Ibiza Boat Club represents a synergy of expertise and a shared passion for creating unparalleled experiences. 

By joining forces, we aim to push the boundaries of traditional boat parties, offering a unique blend of educational opportunities and immersive entertainment.

As part of this groovy alliance, LSA graduates will take center stage during Ibiza Boat Club's legendary parties: the Five star Boat Party and Aftersun Boat Party.

For everyone looking to party more exclusively and mature, we recommend to join our Five Star Boat Party, otherwise if you are looking for something more wild, crazy, crowded & raw Aftersun Boat Party would be the best option for you.

In both cases, London Sound Academy decided to support us. 

Together we are organising the perfect DJ set that aligns properly with the vibe on the boat! All these LSA talents will have the opportunity to showcase their skills to  our international guests, providing them a new level of sonic bliss.

By combining education, talent development, and exclusive excursions on the high seas, this fusion is ready to create an epic jam session that you don’t wanna miss!

As the beats of London Sound Academy meet the waves of Ibiza Boat Club, a harmonious symphony of sound and sea awaits those fortunate enough to embark on this extraordinary journey. Get ready to sail in the beautiful waters of Ibiza and Formentera on a tidal wave of LSA tunes - Let the epic jam session begin! 

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