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TOP 5 Instagrammable places in Ibiza.

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Do it for the gram!

Ibiza - the island is the definition of Instagram with its variety of sunset spots, beach clubs, pool bars, brunch restaurants, beautiful nature and white beaches.

We have prepared our top 5 Instagrammable locations you need to visit when you're on the white isle.

Es Vedra

Es Vedra is a small island, just a few kilometers from the west coast of Ibiza, not far from Cala d’Hort.

It measures only half a kilometer, yet it's a magical and legendary place like no other.

Seafarers still report that their compass needles point in all directions when they approach Es Vedrà. In ancient times, only Odysseus is said to have managed to pass it unscathed. Stories circulate that it served as the birthplace of Phoenician goddess Tanit and that seductive sirens and sea nymphs hung out there in Ulysses’ day. There are myths that say that Es Vedra is the tip of the lost city Atlantis. Others suspect a secret base for UFOs on the island. We don't know where all these stories come from and if they are true or not but one thing is sure: Es Vedra is a place where extraordinary physical phenomena occur.

It has a special vibe and strange energy that you can't describe. According to research, this is due to the high content of iron that is on the island that makes magnetic needles and electronic devices stop working properly. It is the third place on Earth that emits such a strong magnetic field.

You see, Es Vedra is a MUST VISIT when you're on the island. Normally you can only view it from the Ibizan coast - but you know what? During our Formentera Day Trip, we have our swim stop between Atlantis and Es Vedra. There couldn't be a more magical place to swim.

Time & Space

The exploration of the wonders of Ibiza continues. One of them is “Time and Space - The Speed ​​of Light”, a gigantic work of art high above the sea. It's a thought-provoking art installation created by the world-renowned sculptor Andrew Rogers in 2014. The 13 large stones are arranged to represent the solar system, with the central and largest pillar capped in gold to represent the sun. The sequence is laid out around the circumference of an ellipse alluding to the trajectories of the planets moving around the sun. It is a vision of time and space and the interconnectedness of humanity.

Commissioned by the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, this sculpture is reminiscent of Rogers’ Rhythms of Life series that consists of 16 large stone sculptures almost bursting from the landscapes in which they are placed.

Puertas de Cala Llentia

Further myths revolve around the two “doors to nowhere” - two elegant-looking, massive wooden doors, a few meters from the stone circle Time & Space. As the name suggests, they lead into "nowhere" - and at a certain angle form a kind of optical frame around the mystical rock island Es Vedrà.

Cala Xarraca

Cala Xarraca is a tiny bay in the north of Ibiza and is known for its crystal clear water which is perfect for snorkelling.

But is also has something special for all Instagrammers: a swing hanging from the rocks. Now this is a thing that shouldn't be missing on any holiday spam.

Playa Illetes

Ses Illetes beach is probably the most Instagrammable feature of Formentera’s spectacular coastline. The beach is like a real life filter. What makes it so outstanding and breath-taking is its calm, shallow, turquoise waters, which, together with the fine white sand, create a paradisiacal landscape. Because of that, it's the hot spot for the super yachts of the rich and famous who spend their days there.

Moreover, being a natural park, the surroundings are well cared for and you rarely find any sun beds and only a few beach restaurants. Ses Illetes is not in Ibiza, but lucky enough, it's part of our unique day trip so that you will have a chance to get some amazing shots!

Ready to shoot?

Our day trip to Formentera includes the 2 Instagram spots and Ibiza must sees that are reachable by boat: Es Vedra and Playa Ses Illetes. Believe us, pictures from a huge catamaran take your feed to the next level. Join us now!

Take your feed to the next level.

Pssst... we have a little secret tip:

You can of course just visit these spots like everybody else.

But you can also do something different: Take your Instagram feed to the next level with some extraordinary pictures with a black 67 Mustang convertible. Check out 67WOWstang - the only 67 Mustang in Ibiza that you can rent for private shootings.

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